1. Check the panel switch board connected to the power cable.
2. Check RPM cable connected to the motor.
3. Check all the cables such as ph, DO2 and Temp sensor which are connected to the vessel.
4. Power ON the switch board.
5. Plug on the power switch to the panel.
6. Now, panel is ON and PLC will display “Account Type” & “Password” on the screen. The screen will be like this: Enter the account type & password correctly, then main menu screen will display automatically.
7. At this step, panel is working successfully and user can access all the functions for fermentation process.
8. In the fermentation process user can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Main Menu

a. The main menu will look as shown in snapshot below. It consists of four controls named as Fermentation menu process at a glance, Data logging, F1 settings and System settings. As per the user choice any menu can be access and hence appropriate changes or settings can be done.

b. This menu contains the options required to start & control the fermentation process. Before switching the control ‘ON’, Make sure to set proper values in the sub-categories under this menu. All the sub categories have their individual controls. To control a particular parameter (sub-category), its individual CTRL should be switched ON along with the fermenter CTRL.

A) Temperature control: Use this option to set the temperature that has to be achieved or maintained during fermentation. For temperature setting, temperature control should be at OFF state. By touching the button against Temperature SV, desired value of temperature is entered. For temperature activation, fermentation control and individual should be ON.
If Temp MV > Temp SV, Cooling is Activated.
If Temp SV > Temp MV, Heating is Activated.
Dead Band (DB): The user can set this parameter in the range from 0 to 99.9. In DB range, the heating and cooling controls will be OFF.
User can set Dead band value. By touching the buttons in front dead band a keypad entry will come into action and hence desired values are entered.

B) pH Control: This option allows the user to achieve the required ph & maintain it throughout of the batch. This control is activated if fermentation & individual ctrls are BOTH ‘ON’. For proper functioning, the ph control system needs to be tuned (One-Time Tuning) by our engineer, after installation.
When button in front of ph SV & DB (Dead band) is pressed, a keypad entry will automatically displayed and desired Set Value is entered.
If ph MV>ph SV, Acid Indicator will be activated.
If ph SV>ph MV, Base indicator will be activated.
ph is controlled by Acid & Base peristaltic pumps automatically. User can run both pumps manually by click on the front CONTROL switch. One pump can run manually at a time

C) Agitation Control: This menu is used to control the mixing rate or RPM of the Fermenter. This control is activated if fermentation & individual ctrls are BOTH “ON”. For agitation setting, fermentation and individual control should be at OFF state. Similarly when button in front of Agitation SV is pressed, a keypad entry will automatically display and desired set value is entered. [RPM range: 50-1000]

Air Flow: User switches ON the control of Air & adjust the air flow through the rota meter. This process also in manual mode through the switch.

D) Antifoam Control: Operation of the anti-foam (AF) pump can be controlled using this option. This control is activated if fermentation & individual ctrls are BOTH ‘ON’. The foam control works properly only if the AF pump is carefully calibrated before each batch.

E) Feed control: This option can be used to set the flow rate of the feed pump. This control is activated if fermentation & individual ctrls are BOTH “ON”. Feed control works properly only if the feed pump is carefully calibrated before each batch. By touching the buttons against ON time and OFF time, feed ON and OFF time is entered by keypad entry.

F) DO control: Feed the set value of DO and RPM as per protocol. User can also set the control setting of PRM using function Control setting.


The Glance Screen displays the overall status of the fermentation process i.e. temperature, agitation, ph and also for optional parameters DO2, mass flow, pressure. Either heating or cooling is ON/OFF and acid or base is ON/OFF

Operator set the time interval for data logging then control ON. System automatically saves the data on SD card .It also display the values of each parameter on the computer through the software provide by company.

9. Plug OFF the power switch of the panel and main board.

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