Career in Intellectual Property Right for Pharmacy Medical Life science Engineering Graduates

Career in Intellectual Property Right for Pharmacy Medical Life science Engineering Graduates

Intellectual property law (IP)

This is currently a growing field that protects creations of the human mind.  Intellectual property law contain five primary areas:

Patent Law
Trademark Law
Copyright law
Trade Secret Law
Licensing & Unfair Competition

Why Intellectual Property Law Is Growing

Intellectual property is most valuable asset for an organization’s. Noval developments in science and technology have created the need for lawyers/attorny with specialized backgrounds in specialize areas to help & protect the intellectual property of inventors, businesses, authors, musicians, Composers and other owners of creative works.

Job aspect in IPR area

Patent Agent After qualifying Indian Patent Agent Examination conducted by Government of India, Pharmacy, Engineering, Medical & science graduates can work as Patent Agent

Patent Analyst– Fresh graduates from various scientific background such as Pharma, Lifesciences, Biotechnology, Engineering, Medical graduates can apply for job of patent analyst. Job profile of a patent analyst is to read the patent application of new invention being made by client, understand the invention and search prior art references of particular invention.

Patent Docketing Officer– Multinational companies like Pfizer, Sun pharma, Zydus cadila, Intas, Glaxo Smith Kline etc. outsource their process of handling patent portfolio to legal process outsourcing (LPO) companies like Law Scribe Inc, United Lex,QuisLex,Mindcrest,Integreon, CPA Global, Pangea 3, in India. So Docketing officer employed in India helps such companies to complete the government compliance of United States Patent and Trademark Office in filing patent application. They need to coordinate between Patent Office and company staff so as to allow easy flow of appropriate information.

IP AttorneyFresh law students can apply in law firms and work in cases of copyright, trademark and patent infringement cases.Due to cut throat competition, every new brands and new products are entering into market. So there is increase demand of lawyers who can help get brand registration and fight lawsuits against piracy.

IP Proofreading – Any fresh graduate can be employed as IPR Proofreader. Whose main work is to read published patent applications and check for errors in patent application.

Patent Writer or Drafter– Writing patent application is requires strong communication skills with good english.

IP Associate – IP associate work in Law Firms or companies having IP cell.

Legal Researcher-To carryout legal research to find relevant references for patent application, novelty search etc.

Paralegal Professionals They can Closely work with patent office for any type of correspondence, write letters to clients and draft answers to patent office.

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2 thoughts on “Career in Intellectual Property Right for Pharmacy Medical Life science Engineering Graduates

  1. What the career scope for pharmacy graduate in the field of IPR. Please suggest their course and college in up regular & online both mode. Also tell about how to become registered patent agent and procedure for Indian Patent Exam.

    1. Dear Vishnu
      IPR is vary broad field. there are lot of scope for pharmacy and other graduate in this field. You can become a Patent Attorney/agent. You can join Legal Process outsourcing companies. Also you can start you office for patent drafting.

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