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Category: Scientific Instruments


NEPHELOMETER STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE 1. Turn on the instrument and the computer. 2. Start the Omega software. Login with your password or just click RUN to login as USER. 3. To measure a microplate, insert the microplate by the command […]

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FERMENTER STANDARD OPERTAING PROCEDURE 1. Check the panel switch board connected to the power cable. 2. Check RPM cable connected to the motor. 3. Check all the cables such as ph, DO2 and Temp sensor which are connected to the […]

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SOP-Antibiotic Zone Reader

ANTIBIOTIC ZONE READER STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE Connect the three pin plug to the main supply. Switch “ON” the main switch. Digital display will be showing some reading. Switch “ON” the Lamp. Turn the right side ‘Slider knob’ fully anticlockwise. Keep […]

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SOP-Ball Mill

BALL MILL STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE 1. Open one side of vessel by opening the screw situated over the both sides of the vessel and remove the cap from vessel. 2. Pour the ingredients desired no. and size of balls into the vessel. […]

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SOP -Tail Flick Analgesiometer

ANALGRSIOMETER (TAIL FLICK METHOD) STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE 1. Weigh and number the Rat/Mice. 2. Turn on the equipment. 3. Take the basal reaction time to radiant heat by placing the tip(last 1-2 cm)of the tail on the radiant heat source. […]

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