1.Switch on the instrument after plugging the mains cord in the mains plug.

2.Press the switch provided between the coarse & fine knobs and adjustment digital display.

3.After this green indicator starts glowing which indicates that heater is on now the temperature of the hot plate starts increasing gradually.

4.After few cycles of ON and OFF, the temp.will stabilize at around 55 degree C.

5.Place the mice on the hot plate and observe the reaction time by noting the jumping response or the licking of paws. Normally animal show such response in 6-8 sec. A cut off period of 15 sec. is observed to avoid damage to the paws.

6.Remove the mice from the hot plate by taking off the lid and inject the morphine, in to the animal.

7.Place the mice on the hot plate again.

8.Note the reaction time of mice on the hot plate at 15, 30, 60 & 120 min. after the drug administration. As the reaction time increases with morphine, 15 sec. is taken as maximum analgesia and the animals are removed from the hot plate to avoid injury to the paws.

9.Calculate percent increase in reaction time as index of analgesia at each interval.

10.Switch OFF the heater.

11.Switch OFF the instrument.

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