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Salary For Clinical Research Profession in India

Salary range of clinical research professionals As per a research report, a CRA in United States earns a median base salary of $85225 where as a Clinical Research Manager earns $101,309, almost double of the CRA wages. The median annual […]

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Career Opportunities of Healthcare Professionals

Career Opportunities of Healthcare Professionals When it comes to a career in healthcare, India can be called as the land of rising opportunities. The strong future demand shall be driven by factors such as an aging population, increase in awareness […]

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Career in Production

The process of manufacturing Pharma drugs, chemical, cosmetics from raw material comes under the banner of Pharmaceutical production. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of chemical, pharmaceutical, and material scientists will grow by 6 percent between 2012 […]

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Career in Medical Coding

What is medical coding? The process of switching descriptions of medical procedure and diagnoses into ecumenic medical code numbers is known as Medical coding. The diagnosis and procedures are collected from a following of sources Hospital medical record Laboratory records What is […]

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