Salary and Package For Clinical Research Professionals in India

Salary and Package For Clinical Research Professionals in India

Salary range of clinical research professionals

As per a research report, a CRA in United States earns a median base salary of $85225 where as a Clinical Research Manager earns $101,309, almost double of the CRA wages. The median annual salary for a Clinical Research Director is quoted between $118,518–$161,776.
As per sources, in India, the average salary range of clinical research professionals is between 3 lacs p.a (CRA) to 25 lacs (Clinical Research Director).

1. Clinical Research Associate- Starting Salary 3.5 Lakh/annum; Experience Candidate- 6 lakh/annum
2. Clinical Data Administrator-Starting Salary 3.0 Lakh/annum; Experience Candidate- 5 lakh/annum
3. Clinical Trial Coordinator-Starting Salary 4.5 Lakh/annum; Experience Candidate- 7 lakh/annum
4. Drug Safety Associate-Starting Salary 3.5 Lakh/annum; Experience Candidate- 6.5 lakh/annum
5. Clinical Trail Manager:Experience Candidate- 8 lakh/annum

Growth Opportunity

Beside the salary, the stream also presents a splendidopportunity for growth. Since Clinical Trials are an essential part to ensure that every drug and device is safe for human use and consumption, an individual may perceive a long-term career in this field that will come with its share of perks and incentives. Depending upon your area of interest and the knowledge that you possess, you can work as a lab technician, CRA, CRC, Scientist, Associate Scientist, Clinical Research Physician, Biostatistician, Data Manager, Regulatory Affair Associate and many more. Over years of experience in this field, you may aspire to become the lead for Clinical Research wing or CEO of the medical institution.

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List of Approved Clinical Research Institute in India

Clinical Research – Academics

Strong academic base is the foundation to a bright and fulfilling career. Therefore, to see that you are well-placed in professional life, it is important to look for the best institute whose learning can be a guiding star for the rest of your life.

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