SOP -Tail Flick Analgesiometer

SOP -Tail Flick Analgesiometer



1. Weigh and number the Rat/Mice.

2. Turn on the equipment.

3. Take the basal reaction time to radiant heat by placing the tip(last 1-2 cm)of the tail on the radiant heat source.

4. The tail withdrawal from the heat (flicking response) is taken as the end Point.

5. Normally a mouse withdraws the tail within 3-5 sec.

6. A cutoff period of 10-12 sec is observed to prevent damage to the tail.

7. Any animal falling to withdraw its tail in 3-5 sec is rejected from the study.

8. Take at least 3-5 basal reaction time s for each rat/mouse at a gap of 5 min. to conform normal behavior of the animal.

9. Inject the drug and note the reaction time at 5,15,30, and 60 min after the drug given.

10. As the reaction time reaches 10 sec it is considered maximum analgesia and tail is removed from the source of the heat to avoid tissue damage.

11. Calculate the percentage increase in reaction time at each time interval.

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