Category: SOPs for Scientific Instruments

SOP Grip Strength Meter

 GRIP STRENGTH METER STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE The grip test is used to measure the maximal muscle strength (motor function) of forelimbs and combined forelimbs and hind limbs. Set up and use of instrument: 1. Check that the connection of the […]

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SOP of Scientific Equipment and Instruments, Complete List

List of SOP for Various Instruments used for Pharmaceutical Experiments Actophotometer Ampoule filling & Sealing Machine Analgesiometer (Tail Flick) Analgesiometer (Eddy Hot Plate) Antibiotic Zone Reader Ball Mill Bottle Washing Machine Deep Freezer (-80 degree) Desicater Electroconvulsio meter Fermenter Grip […]

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Scientific Instruments, SOP, Guideline & Uses

Find the  Information of all Equipments and Instruments Used in Pharmaceutical Industry & Research Organization for Manufacturing & Research Purpose. List of scientific equipment and instruments SOP of scientific equipment and instruments Guideline of scientific equipment and instruments

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