Career in Medical Writing

Career in Medical Writing

A career in the field of medical writing is very money-making and exciting. Medical writing is the creation of scientific documents by specialized writers who are expert in their domain knowledge. A medical writer usually generates effective documentation that vividly defines research outputs and product’s usage. AS medical writer closely works with  researchers, scientists, pharmacists, doctors and other subject domain experts  so they have a ability to create well written and well structured documents, that present the information in a clear, concise manner in compliance with applicable regulations. Such information can be easily use by pharmaceutical, biotechnology & healthcare industry.

What Skills are required to became a successful medical writer

  • Knowledge of basic word and data processing software’s like MS Word and Excel
  • Comprehensive writing skills with good command over written and spoken English
  • Good command on English grammer
  • You will need to know word processing program for text and tables, a graphing program for figures, a literature search tool, and the Internet.
  • Graciously accept criticism of your writing
  • Are you patient enough to check the references that others give you and examine multifaceted tables to ensure that all the numbers add up?
  • knowledge and understanding of ICH-GCP
  • Ability to work in time bound manner
  • Capability to work independently
  • willing to learn a new field
  • High Confidence
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Self-motivation
  • Last but not the least- you like to write

Eligibility for a medical writer 

  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Pharmacy life science, Medicine, Biotechnology etc.
  • Knowledge of the English language.


  • BELS Certification Examinations passed candidates
  • IPEd accreditation exam passed candidates

Salary Scale: Fresher can start from 3.75 lakh or more depending upon the company which he/she may join.

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