Career in QA/QC

Career in QA/QC

All manufacturing companies needed quality control and quality assurance professionals to produce a high-quality product from their production plant. Nobody wants to buy a drug with bad quality, no one want to buy cosmetic of poor quality.

A QA & QC officer of a production plant comply with specific laws, standards, and regulations so that they are able to produce high-quality product consistently.

What is Quality Control

QC is basically, finding defects and reporting the problems by testing the products so that the decision can be made to release a product or not.

What is Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is paying attention to prevention rather than cure. It aims to minimize the issues which create defects in the first place. It takes initiatives to improve production standards and promote consistency in the manufacturing process. So we can say QA is all about ‘good practice’

Various job aspects

  • Executive QA/QC
  • Executive QA/QC
  • Manager QA/QC

Salary: A fresher can get approximately 3.25 lakh per annum and a 3-5 year experienced person may get a minimum of 6-8 lakh per annum. It may vary company to company.

Current job opening for QA &QC officers: Click here

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