COVID-19 Home Screening Test Kit:Now Available in India by Bione Company

COVID-19 Home Screening Test Kit:Now Available in India by Bione Company

Home Screening Test Kit for Corona Virus

This test kit is Prepared by an Indian Company-BIONE.

Bione  company is specialized in making  microbiome & genetic testing Kits

Currently company made three type of kits for COVID-19

  • COVID-19 Home Screening Kit
  • COVID-19 Genetic Susceptibility Test
  • Microbiome kit

COVID-19 at Home Screening Test Kit:

This kit is based on determination of Immunoglobulins G & M in  Blood. COVID-19 Home test kit is a point of care at-home test for Coronavirus. The kit contains a simple device which can show the presence of Coronavirus disease. (If the test is positive you should immediately contact your doctor).
One kit can be used to screen only one person.The kit carries a simple device and a needle. You have to prick your finger and put the drop of blood on the device in a specified space. You can read the result in 5-10 minutes.

Steps to perform the test at Home

  • Each kit screens only 1 person
  • Rapid single use finger-prick test for CORONAVIRUS
  • Point of care at home test for CORONAVIRUS
  • IgG & IgM based test & get your result in 5-10 mins
  • Screen workforce & isolate carriers immediately






(Note: If the test is positive, immediately contact your doctor)

COST of the Kit is 2100 rupees as mention of the bione website till 2 april 2020.

COVID-19 Genetic Susceptibility Test

  • Genetic susceptibility or predisposition means a person has an increased risk of developing the disease due to their genetic makeup. However, having a genetic predisposition does not mean that you will definitely get the disease, but you are more vulnerable to the specific disease.
  • 99.5% of DNA is almost the same among all humans; it is 0.5% that makes each individual unique. Genetic variants or variations are the differences in DNA that make each person’s genome unique. Everyone’s genome contains millions of genetic variants that make each person distinctive. Some contribute to differences between humans, like eye colour and blood type. A small number of variants are linked with susceptibility to infections and diseases.
  • Bione COVID-19 Genetic Susceptibility Test detects specific gene variants present in your DNA that can be responsible for making you more sensitive to certain viruses like Coronavirus, HIV, Influenza, etc. If the test result shows that you are more susceptible to viruses, you will be provided genetic counselling.

Anyone should take Bione COVID-19 Genetic Susceptibility kit if theywant to

  • Know about the gene variants which can make you more susceptible to Coronavirus
  • Avail personalized genetic counselling to get insights of your health & fitness
  • Avail personalized diet counselling to improve your immunity against Coronavirus

COVID-19 Microbiome kit

Scientific studies have proved that the gut microbiome plays a crucial role in the body’s immune response to diseases and maintaining health. In the case of Coronavirus, a healthy gut also helps to prevent severe immune responses to the virus that can cause serious damage to the lungs and other vital organs. These potentially dangerous immune reactions to Coronavirus can cause respiratory failure and death. A balanced or healthy gut Microbiome can not only save you from viruses but also reduce the severity of infections and diseases.

BIONE Microbiome kit analyses the diversity and abundance of microorganisms in your gut. Your immunity to diseases and pathogens depends on the balance of these microorganisms in your intestine. If your test result shows, you have gut dysbiosis (imbalance of microbes) you can avail personalized diet recommendations to improve your gut balance. This will help in improving your health and fighting Coronavirus.

For more detail: Click Here


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