Dress code for CBSE NEET UG 2018

Dress code for CBSE NEET UG 2018

Dress code for CBSE NEET UG 2018

It is important to know the dress code before going for exam. Some of you may also be travelling to different cities for the exam, so you should know what the dress code is beforehand to pack those clothes only.

In the brochure only CBSE has announced exact dress code for the exam. And going by past year trends, they are quite strictly followed. The reason behind CBSE imposing rules on what to wear and what not to wear for the exam is to avoid cheating cases. Earlier many students used to hide cheating material in their dresses.

Things that you can wear:

Slippers and sandals with low heels for footwear; no shoes. Trousers or salwar for lower-body wear. In upper body you can wear half sleeve light clothes without big brooch or badge or button or flower.

Things that you cannot wear:

Shoes, sunglasses, full sleeves clothes, watches, bracelets, any sort of jewelry, saree, cap.

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