IISER Admission 2017,Syllabus,Eligibility, Fee, Entrance Test, Result, Cutoff, Application Form

IISER Admission 2017,Syllabus,Eligibility, Fee, Entrance Test, Result, Cutoff, Application Form

Admission Notice: Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER) ADMISSION 2017 to IISER Berhampur,Berhampur,Bhopal,Kolkata,Mohali,Pune,Thiruvananthapuram,Tirupati

Important Dates

May 22 : open for all channels
June 12:  Last date for applications through KVPY channel
June 15 : Seat allocation begins for KVPY channel
June 18:  Last date for applications through SCB channel
June 19:  Last date for applications through JEE channel and seat allocation begins for JEE channel
June 25 : IISER aptitude test for SCB channel
July 4:  Results of the aptitude test are announced
July 5:  Seat allocation begins for SCB channel

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ related to General

1: I am a class XII science student. To which programmes can I apply in IISERs?
Five year BS-MS degree programme.

2: Who awards the BS-MS degree?
Each IISER is an autonomous institution which awards the BS-MS degree.

3: Do I need to apply separately for different IISERs?
No. All IISERs admit students through a common application process. One application form is valid for all the IISERs.

4: How many seats are available for the admission to the BS-MS degree programme in 2017?
The combined total number of seats available in all IISERs is 1285. Number of seats available in each IISER is:

Berhampur — 100

Bhopal — 260

Kolkata — 200

Mohali — 200

Pune — 200

Thiruvananthapuram — 200

Tirupati — 125

5: What is the curriculum structure for BS-MS degree programme?
Students are trained in various disciplines of basic sciences as per the designed curriculum of respective IISERs during their first two years. Subsequently, they can take up specialised subject(s). Please refer to the website of individual IISERs for a description of their curriculum structure.
FAQ related to Applications

6: How do I apply?
Only applications through our online admission portal will be accepted. The step-wise details of the application procedure will be announced on this website in due course.

7: What are the channels available for admission to IISER?
There are three channels available for admission into IISER: KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana), JEE (Indian Institute of Technology JEE Advanced) and SCB (State and Central Boards).

Q8: Can I apply through more than one channel?

9: Do I need to apply separately for each channel?
Yes. Each channel requires a separate online application and payment of application fees. You must meet the eligibility criteria for each channel through which you wish to apply.

10: Is there an application fee?
There is a non-refundable application fee of ?2,000/- for candidates applying under General and OBCNC categories, and ?1,000/- for candidates applying under SC/ST category, Kashmiri Migrants and physically handicapped candidates.

11: Can I pay application fees by Cash/DD/Cheque?
No. All payments will be accepted through secure payment gateway on our application portal.

12: What should I do if I have paid the application fees more than once for a single application?
You must send your proof of payments to ask-jac [AT] iiserpune.ac.in. All legitimate refund claims will be processed once the admission process is over.

13: What should I do if I have already paid the application fees, but the money has been refunded?
Immediately notify through email to ask-jac [AT] iiserpune.ac.in, else your application may stand cancelled.

14: Do I have to write the IISER aptitude test?
Only if you are applying through the SCB channel.

15: What is the intake through different channels?
A maximum of 50% of the seats will be filled through KVPY and JEE channels. Remaining seats will be filled through the SCB channel based on the merit in the IISER aptitude test. Unfilled seats from KVPY and JEE channels will be added to the SCB channel for allotment.

16: Are all candidates who are eligible to apply admitted to IISERs?
No. Admission to IISERs, for each channel, is based on merit and the total number of available seats in SCB and KVPY channels. For the JEE channel, rank 10,000 is the cut-off in each of the categories.

17: How do I make my choice of IISER?
You will be asked to give your preferences in the online application form.

18: Will I get the IISER of my choice?
The allotment is based of the availability of seats, rank in the merit list and applicant’s preferences.

19: What is ‘Float’ option?
Float option allows a candidate to either retain the seat in the IISER allotted to them or opt for change as per candidate’s preference in the IISER allocated to them.

If you select “No” under the Float option in your application form, then your first allotment (if any) to one of the IISERs is final.

If you have selected “Yes” as the Float option and if you did not get the IISER of your first preference during allocation, then your application will be considered in subsequent rounds of allocation.

20: My percentage marks have changed after scrutiny/revaluation. I have two marks related documents. What should I do?
You need to upload your original mark sheet in the application portal but the percentage in the application form should be revised one. The revised marks statement from your board confirming the change of marks must be sent to ask-jac [AT] iiserpune.ac.in with subject line “Revised Marks”. You should also mention your application no in the subject line. Please note if the subject line is not as mentioned above, we may not be able to help you.
FAQ related to Aptitude Test

21: What is the syllabus for the IISER aptitude test?
syllabus : Click Here

22: What is the format of the aptitude test?
The format of the aptitude test is as follows:
• Multiple-choice questions in four subjects –- Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics with equal weightage
• 15 questions in each subject (total: 60)
• Duration: 180 minutes
• Evaluation: +3 (correct response), 0 (no response), -1 (wrong response)

23: Free model questions for the aptitude test is available?
The model questions for the aptitude test are available below.
Sample Paper 1 (English)
Sample Paper 2 (English)
Sample Paper 2 (Hindi)

24: I have not studied Biology/Mathematics at +2 level, can I take the test?
Yes, you can. However, the questions will be from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics with equal weightage. You may also look at the answer to Q22 and Q23.

25: Where is the IISER aptitude test conducted?
It is conducted in various cities across India. The details of the test centres will be available on this website soon. Choices for the city where the candidate wishes to write the aptitude test have to be indicated while completing the online application form. A single city may have multiple centres for the aptitude test. The hall ticket will have the centre details printed. If the examination cannot be conducted in any of the centres due to unforeseen reasons, the candidate would be allotted an alternate centre.

26: Where/When do I get the hall ticket for IISER aptitude test?
The hall ticket will be available on the website a few days before the IISER aptitude test. The candidate can download their hall ticket after logging into their account in the application portal.
FAQ related to Admissions

27: Does reservation of seats apply for admission?
Yes, as per Government of India rules. SC — 15%, ST — 7.5%, OBCNC — 27%.

28: What is the meaning of OBC and OBCNC?
OBCNC stands for Other Backward Classes (non-creamy layers). If you belong to this category, then you must select OBCNC as your category. Other OBC candidates must select ‘General’ as their category.

29: What is the fee structure for BS-MS programme at IISERs?
Please visit the websites of individual IISERs for information about their fee structure.

30: Is there any financial support for students admitted to IISERs?
KVPY scholars admitted to IISERs will draw fellowship as per KVPY norms. In addition, a limited number of INSPIRE scholarships of ?5000/- per month will be available for candidates admitted through JEE and SCB channels. This supersedes all earlier announcements regarding scholarship. Continuation of scholarship depends upon the students’ academic performance.

31: Can I be a day-scholar at IISERs?
No. IISERs are fully residential campuses and students are required to stay in campus hostels.

32: I have not been offered admission in the current round. Will I be considered for allocation in the next round? Or a later round?
Depending on your rank and seats available in a particular channel, you may be considered for allocation in a later round.

33: What is Seat Acceptance Fee?
If you have been allotted to one of the IISERs, you need to pay the Seat Acceptance Fee (within the due date) in order to accept our offer and confirm that you intend to join one of the IISERs. The Seat Acceptance Fee amounts to ?25,000/- for General and OBCNC categories and ?12,500/- for SC/ST/KM/PD categories. Payment of Seat Acceptance Fee entitles you to avail the Float option, provided you have selected “Yes” for Float option in your application form. See Q19.

Once you are registered in your allotted IISER, this amount will be adjusted with your first semester fees.

34: I have been offered admission to one of the IISERs. However this is not my first choice. Will there be a second round in which I would be floated to the IISER of my first choice?
You must accept the offer by paying the Seat Acceptance Fees, as mentioned in the offer letter. Once you have accepted the offer, you would be considered for Float in subsequent rounds. If there are vacancies, you may be allotted to an IISER which is higher in your preference list. See Q19.

35: I have paid the Seat Acceptance Fees as mentioned in my offer letter. If I do not want to join the IISER system, will I get a refund?
If you withdraw from the IISER system before the joining date, the fees paid will be refunded after deducting some administrative expenses.

36: I have paid the Seat Acceptance Fees as mentioned in my offer letter. I have now been allocated to another IISER. Do I have to pay the Seat Acceptance Fees again?

37: I have paid the Seat Acceptance Fees as mentioned in the offer letter. Do I have to pay anything else?
The fee structures at various IISERs are different. You may have to pay an additional amount after joining a particular IISER. For more details contact that particular IISER or visit their website.

38: Can I transfer my admission from one IISER to another at any time?
Once you are registered in one of the IISERs, no application/request for transfer to another IISER will be entertained.
39: My question is not listed above. What should I do?
You may ask JAC-2017 any questions that you have, by sending an email to ask-jac [AT] iiserpune.ac.in. However if your question is already answered in this website then you may not be given a response.

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