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NEET Exam 2024: Key Topics & Subjects to Focus on for Maximum Score

NEET Exam 2024: Key Topics & Subjects to Focus on for Maximum Score

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NEET Books

Hello NEET aspirants! Nothing without pain, right? Well, says who? Be ready because the golden knowledge nuggets will be exposed to you in a moment. These are the main topics and subtopics that you must master to achieve your highest score possible.

Biology: The Lord of the NEET Jungle

In all honesty, Biology is Neet’s king with 360 marks, so where do you start? Buckle up for an exciting journey through some interesting chapters:

Diversity in Living World – This fundamental chapter lays down principles of studying the beautiful tapestry of Earthly life.

Human Physiology: Learn how your body functions! This chapter will make easy such questions as those on Nervous System, Circulatory system and Respiration.

Cell Biology: Plunge into the real essence of life-cells! You must understand what cells are, their structure and its division.

Genetics & Evolution: Explore the mysteries of heredity and how life has evolved over time. Brush up on Mendel’s laws, DNA structure and natural selection.

Do not ignore fellow comrades – Chapters like Plant Kingdom, Morphology of Flowering Plants and Ecology under Botany are important as well. Importantly, solving NEET previous years question papers along with NEET Mock Test Sample Papers practice is very useful for strengthening these basic ideas.

Chemistry: A Game between Equations and Ideas

The field of Chemistry might seem intimidating on first blush, but it can be conquered strategically with the best NEET Books. Here are a few major areas to focus on:

Equilibrium – Understanding equilibrium reactions is necessary for solving problems related to Le Chatelier’s principle as well as chemical kinetics.

Chemical Bonding – Knowing about different types of chemical bonds (ionic, covalent and coordinate covalent) helps predicting the structures & properties or compounds.

Organic Chemistry –This broad area needs more attention. Master this part by knowing the aldehydes, ketones carboxylic acids and aromatic compounds reactions, functional groups and mechanisms of.

Inorganic Chemistry – Periodic trends, coordination compounds and p-block elements are a few main topics not to be underestimated.

Again, religiously practicing solved papers of NEET Previous Years Question Papers and taking NEET mock test sample papers will polish your problem-solving skills and expose you to various question formats in the examination.

Physics: Unveiling the Laws of the Universe

Physics may seem like magic sometimes but it is just about understanding the fundamental laws that govern our universe. Here are a few major areas where attention should be given:

Mechanics: This is what Physics stands on. Comprehend concepts such as laws of motion, work energy power momentum.

Electrostatics: Knowing electric charge, electric field, potential and capacitance is important for solving related problems.

Current Electricity: Explore circuits, Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws & magnetism to make sense out of this section.

Optics: Understand light reflection, refraction and working of optical instruments.

Again for Physics consistent practice with NEET previous year solved papers and NEET mock test sample papers will help you understand how these concepts are applied in numerical problems.

In order to succeed in the NEET 2024, you need to develop a strategic approach, have focused revision and practice consistently. With an understanding of the crucial topics and subjects and using the help of NEET previous year solved papers and mock test sample papers, you will be closer to cracking the NEET exam and realizing your dream of being a doctor!

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