NEET vs. AIIMS vs. JIPMER: Understand the Differences in Top 3 Medical Entrance Exams

NEET vs. AIIMS vs. JIPMER: Understand the Differences in Top 3 Medical Entrance Exams

NEET vs. AIIMS vs. JIPMER: Understand the Differences in Top 3 Medical Entrance Exams

There are huge numbers of students who have a burning desire to crack a seat in a prestigious medical college in India. But it all starts with one crucial step; passing the competitive entrance exams. NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER, these three names strike terror (and perhaps thrill) into every medical aspirant’s heart. However, what exactly differentiates these three exams?

NEET is the biggest medical entrance exam in India today. It is the gateway to MBBS (undergraduate medicine) programs across India including government and private colleges. AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research), were conducting their separate entrance exams until 2019. That changed after 2020 when both AIIMS & JIPMER became NEET dependent.

If NEET is the key to open doors to medical colleges, then why was there a need  for AIIMS and JIPMER exams? This is where the main differences lie:

Exam Pattern: Physics, chemistry, biology (zoology & botany) from class 11th +12th NCERT syllabus core science focus around which NEET revolves. While AIIMS and JIPMER largely had similar core syllabus, they used to have other parts as well. For example, AIIMS had General Knowledge & Aptitude while English Language & Logical Reasoning was included in JIPMER till the change happened that made them depend on NEET scores only.

Difficulty Level: The vast syllabus covered by NEET coupled with its emphasis on speed & accuracy has led this test to become an important tool in the selection process. With a large number of applicants it’s many times hard to get admission here comparing with other universities like AIIMS which normally set slightly higher difficulty level than NEET especially due its additional sections which tested overall knowledge plus problem solving skills

Number of Seats: This is a key differentiator. NEET has the highest number of medical seats all over India and this makes it the most promising way to become a doctor. However, AIIMS has limited numbers of seats which are located in various institutes while JIPMER offers even fewer seats than both NEET and AIIMS.


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