VIBHA Fellowships

VIBHA Fellowships

VIBHA Fellowships

About Fellowship: The VIBHA fellowship committee extensively debated on the issue of starting the new fellowships programme, especially since the national academies already recognize such meritorious work of people of science. It was argued that while this is so, the purpose of VIBHA fellowships is somewhat different. The VIBHA fellowships not only intends to recognize the excellence in science as seen through high impact journal publications and quality patents, but also aims to look at the translation of these ideas to practice. It is general observation that much of the good work stops once a publication or patent is realized. The VIBHA fellowships aim at recognizing the work that goes beyond publication/patent and actually sees the translation to real practice. The VIBHA fellowship would encourage people to travel this road, if not already done. It is realized that this is a hard, strenuous and time consuming task and the individual who created the good work and proof-of-principle may not be the right person to continue beyond publication/patent. The chain and the link can be carried forward by some other interested individual, once the idea is recognized. The intention of VIBHA fellowship is to encourage the scientific community towards the final goal. It is also realized that the final goal should be in alignment with the objectives of the national themes of importance and should contribute to several government initiated schemes such as make-in-India, start-up India, digital India etc. The VIBHA nomination form is thus designed to extract information pertaining to quality publications, IP`s, conversion to practice, relevance to national themes of importance to the society and connection to government initiated schemes. The VIBHA nomination form is enclosed for your scrutiny along with the guidelines for the expert committees. It is intended to elect about 25 to 30 VIBHA fellows and about 50-60 associate fellows (below the age of 45 years) every year.

No of Fellowships every year:between 75 to 90


  • Good publications in standard refereed journals of repute in the areas of nominees activities (this should help in assessing nominees scientific standing and credibility).
  • Patents filed worldwide and the contents (this should help in assessing the intellectual property and its quality).
  • Look for connecting the work in specific areas of science and engineering to themes of national importance as recorded on the nomination form.
  • Look for translation of the ideas into practice through innovations (this will help to assess technology development, transfer, and creation of products, devices and services of social good).
  • P.S. *It is realized that complete translation of ideas into full practice can be hard and time consuming. The extent of efforts in this direction by the nominee and the potential for success should be carefully evaluated and credited.

Age Limit: 45 years

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