Big Innovation 2020: Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest

Big Innovation 2020: Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest

Big Innovation (BI) 2020

  • Big Innovation (BI) is a pioneering initiative by Whites Science Innovation Limited, UK & LexGin (IPR facilitator).
  • BI is an All India Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest with a vision to “provide a national platform and bringing out the Innovation & Entrepreneurship talent the Youth to help provide better healthcare to our future generations”.
  • The program’s motto ‘Bring Innovation Culture’ essentially summarise our continuous efforts to enable an ecosystem where students from across the country feel free to ideate and innovate for the better healthcare outcomes of the society and help them incubate start-ups to become job creators.
  • The contest’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is one-of-its-kind initiative in its category that exclusively focuses on healthcare technological innovations at a national level and supports the entrepreneurs.
  • Big Innovation (BI) initiative was conceived by Dr. Amrish Chandra from Amity University, Noida in 2018. The first edition, BIC 2020 (June 2019 to April 2020) will be conducted with support from Whites Science Innovation, UK, leading Pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with pharmaceutical associations & publishers.
  • BI initiative identifies, mentors, and financially supports health-tech innovations across India in the thematic area of Healthcare. Ideas & Innovations leading to a direct impact on healthcare will be considered under the program.

Eligibility: Currently enrolled students in their undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and post-doctorate in Science, Engineering, Technology and other streams.

• Students pursuing B.Sc. /B.Tech. /B.Pharm. / MBBS /M.Sc. /M.Pharm / D/MS /Ph.D. or any other degree

Application Procedure:

  • First register on the website.
  • This will lead you to get access to the YouNoodle application form.
  • Read the rules of the contest before starting your application

About Student Teams

• Every team must have a team lead identified at the time of application.

• A team can have up to 5 members.

• The team/team lead must have a faculty member from their own college as a faculty mentor.

• At least one team member should be presently enrolled as a student to date of closing of application.

• One member to be from a marketing/finance background will help add diversity in the team (optional)

• The teams can comprise of students from different universities provided the team lead’s university will be the primary coordinating university.

• The team needs to pay Rs. 200 per team member post successful submission of the proposal towards proposal processing fee. (Max. Rs. 1000 per team with 5 members).

Benefits of Big Innovation 2020

  • Upto Rs. 1 lakhs for prototype development
  • Advisory for patenting of your innovation/idea
  • Mentorship by technical and business experts
  • Liaising with industry for problem identification
  • Entrepreneurship advice
  • Winning team will receive start-up support for pre-incubation/incubation depending upon team’s progress.

Last Date: Oct 2019

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