Career in Clinical Research

Career in Clinical Research

What Is Clinical Research:

The purpose of clinical research is to evaluate whether the given medicine is safe and effective when it is used for the disease. To find out the solution of this question there is need of clinical trial on human.

Strength of Clinical Research Industry: As per the report by Grand View Research, Inc. the global clinical trial market is expected to reach USD 65.2 billion by 2025.

In near future market is expected to be dominated by Phase III as of 2016, with Phase I anticipated to witness the fastest growth.

According to various research reports more than USD 38.0 billion is currently being spent by the healthcare industry towards preclinical and clinical development of only on the oncology therapy products.

Players of clinical trial in India

  • Bio-availability management,
  • Bio-equivalence studies,
  • Clinical Traial SiteManagement
  • Phase II-IV trials Trial Monitoring
  • Data management,
  • Central laboratories- such as biotech, chemistry and biology
  • Bio-IT solutions
  • CR training

Why? Clinical research as career

  • Booming clinical research Market
  • Huge Demand & Supply Gap
  • Good Career Prospects
  • Quick growth & rise in money
  • National & International Travel, Cross-cultural Exposure
  • Increased Contacts

 Career Option in Clinical research Industry

  • Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA)
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Senior CRA
  • Clinical Team Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Manager Medical & Regulatory
  • Manager –Safety / Patents
  • Manager Quality Assurance
  • Medical Director
  • Associate Director –Clinical
  • Associate Director –Projects
  • Director –Business Development
  • Director / Head (Clinical Operations)
  • General Manger / CEO / President

Salary Range for clinical research professional: It’s depending on various companies. However starting minimum salary for fresher is 2.5-3 lakh rupees per annum


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