Resume-CV Building

Resume-CV Building

Here are Some Tips for Fresher Pharma Graduates-  How to Build a Resume/CV

Build a Resume

Most of person do not like writing about themselves. Few people feel a bit odd at having to ‘boast’ about themselves, though others go the other way and are tempted to oversell themselves. Here are some simple tips to build a Resume/CV


Ø  Make use of superior quality white paper with a plain type face – Use Time New Roman or Arial fonts

Ø  Don’t design it too much.

Ø  Try to keep your CV two or three pages.


a. Contact Information:

1.     Full name

2.     Current and permanent addresses

3.     Mobile numbers

4.     Email address

b. Qualifications Summary:

Present your value proposition. A p Pharmacist’s resume should provide a narrative statement of the main reasons why he/she should be called for an interview.

c. Education: List your highest degree first.

1.     Name of institution, city and state

2.     Degree, major and year awarded with percentage

3.     Diploma if you did

d. Skills: Mention all your job related skills to make your resume outstanding. Use action-words, verbs, adverbs, adjectives in your descriptions and terms that are specific to your. You can also add your computer and language skills.

e. Experience: List the most recent experience first. Emphasize on your achievements and contributions.

f. Activities: Campus and community activities, memberships in professional organizations etc.

g. Personal: Certifications, security clearances, patents, special awards, citizenship etc. (which you got at the time of your schooling or your previous company- like Best employee award of year/month)

Highlight your skills and characteristics on the resume, like:

Ø  Honest and Dependable with Excellent Interpersonal skills.

Ø  Team oriented Organized and Manage Time well.

Ø  Work well under pressure, Flexible and Quick learner.

Ø  Possess Leadership skills; Enthusiastic and Assertive.

Ø  Friendly; have good Presentation skills.

Add Keywords

Add important keywords so your resume is found in an electronic applicant search. Include specialty areas (e.g. Retail, Hospital Pharmacist) and important skills (e.g. Pharmacology, dispensing/compounding, Medication therapy, Quality Assurance, Computer Added Drug Design, pharmaceutical research, Natural product extraction, Protocol designing)

Some Important Points to Remember

Ø  Don’t write any false statement about your skills

Ø  Use bullet points rather than complete sentences

Ø  Never leave gaps – if you took a year out, or carried out interim assignments or due to preparation of competitive exam, say so – otherwise, employers can suspect the worst

Ø  Leave your hobbies and interests until last – and keep this section short.

Ø  Check your CV carefully – always run a spell check over it carefully – and re-read to check it also makes sense; ask a friend to check it too – mistakes are not always as obvious to the person who made them.

Ø  Simply staple the pages together.

Ø  Send your CV off in a good quality, clearly addressed A4 envelope.

Ø  Remember, your CV is the first impression your potential employer will have of you. Take the time to get it right. You may not have a second chance.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the first thing a recruiter will see, so it is essential that you introduce your CV/Resume in the best way possible.

Stages of writing cover letter

First step
Enlighten why you are writing, make sure it entices them to read on. If you’re replying to an advertisement, say where and when you saw the advertisement  and if there is a reference number, quote it.

Second step
Briefly explain your job and, if applicable, qualifications (professional and/or academic). Don’t give too much away or they may not want to go on and read your CV. If you are replying to an advert, make sure the skills you specified are reflected in your CV

Third step
State why they should employ you and why you would be a good employee.

Fourth step
Lay down an action plan, say you would like the opportunity to meet them for an interview and you’ll await their response.

Good Luck for your Bright Future Solutions

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