When u Start Preparation

• Be away from your Girl Friend or Boy Friend. Don’t have friendship with your mobile.

• Never get anything into mind other than what is your goal.

• Just think for a while have some peace of mind and only start the studies.

• Just think about your parent who sent you outside from home for study not for other things like movies, parties etc.

• We are sure most of you won’t eat on time. But this matters. Keep an alarm to remind you.

• Scheduling some time fails. So better don’t think of reschedule.

• When you go for sleep think about whole day, what you learn today, then close your eyes and think one by one. At one point u think that i forget something about a particular chapter which i learn today then see your register/copy on next morning and learn the points which u forgot.

• Have good sleep when ever u r sleepy. Don’t think i should complete this chapter and only sleep.

• You are hostellers or day scholars whatever you learn, then discuss these topics in your groups/friend circle. Because whenever you go for discussion on any topic you never forget that particular topic/chapter.

• Whenever you feel Sleepy in day time, drink cold water and walk for few minutes then start study.

• Some student makes their schedule like… They pick one subject and complete it all then go for next subjects. Some pick all subjects simultaneously. We think this strategy depends on the students but second one is more effective according to our experience because some time only one subject takes around 10 day so some time it’s boring to learn one subject for such a long time.

• Revision is very important, make your schedule like this that you revise previous learn chapters.

• Whenever you read any chapter write important points on the top of page of your copy/register, make these points memory tip results (MTP’S).

• Whenever you start preparation read pharmacology and medicinal chemistry simultaneously.

• Make charts, flow diagram & tables and paste them on the wall of your room.

• Find some topic from which one question is always asked in previous year examinations. So prepare these topics with extra effort.

• Solve more and more questions. Make your rhythm to solve calculation type questions so you get your speed.

Visual Memory

Some have a very good visual memory, Make use of this while preparing for GPAT.Draw the diagrams and link them to all what you have learnt about them.

• Prepare your own question Bank

Acronyms & Acrostics

To learn Classification of Drug create an acronym, take the first letters of the items that you are trying to remember

and make a new word out of them or u can add ur friends name in trick.

Eg. To learn Second Generation Fluroquinolones drug Classification


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L-Lomefloxacin, L-Levofloxacin, G– Gatifloxacin, M-Moxifloxacin, S-Sparfloxcin.

Similar  type of many other trick prepared by GPATINDIA experts

• For NIPER JEE prepare English, Verbal reasoning & GK about (CURRENT AFFAIRS).

Best Tips (when just 7 days remaining for exam)

• * Give one day for one subject for revision of all topics (whatever notes you prepared for that particular subject).

• In evening meet with friends and go for healthy discussion on topics. Suppose you are 4 friends, all 4 read same subject for all the day then go for discussion. We think it is the best way to learn.

• Don’t think about other friend preparations, just do your work.

• Don’t pressurize (depress) yourself from the fear of exam be very cool. Just believe in yourself.

• Don’t think that i did lot of preparation and if i will not get success in exam then what will happen. This type of thinking pressurizes you & it will affect your performance in exam.

• Don’t read any new chapter.

• One night before exam take good sleep. Don’t think much about exam. Just relax. Eat light dinner and go for good sleep.

• On the day of exam wakeup early in the morning & do meditation for 15minute.Then revise as much as possible. Read news paper (just headline) for relaxing yourself. Don’t forget your admission letter. Reach examination place before half hour.

Best Tips (In Exam)

• Read all instruction very carefully.

• Some students first solve full paper then they fill OMR Sheet. But our experience and a survey said that in this method lot of student do silly error, or mistakes to fill OMR sheet in last time hurry or sometime remaining time is very less to fill OMR sheet due to mismanagement of time by student. So follow following pattern

• Solve one question then fill OMR Sheet for that particular question. Follow this pattern for whole paper.

• Sometime first ten questions are very hard to solve, this is the strategy of examiner to demoralize the students. So don’t feel fear, nausea etc. so don’t loose your confidence go for next questions these are much simpler then firs ten.

• Solving question by negative approach say for example…. If you don’t know the answer of question but you know that, in given four options two are not correct then you take chance to solve this question by remaining two options.

Books Recommended for the Preparation of GPAT Exam

Pharmaceutics: Lackman, Remington, IP, Martin, NK Jain ( for NDDS), GK Jani (For calculation)

Pharmacology: KDT, Rang & Dale, Lippincott wilium Ilustrated Review of Pharmacology, color atlas of Pharmacology

Pharma chemistry : Jerry March, I.L.Finar , Wilsion -Gisvold, foye, D.Sriram & P.Yogessawari (medicinal chemistry)

Pharmacognosy: Trease & Evans, willis, Kokate

Biochemistry: Lehninger, Lippincott wilium Ilustrated Review of Biochemistry, Harper, U V Satyanarayan

Microbiology: Pelzar, Presscott

Clinical Pharmacy: we will put important topic on our study material section

Analysis: Silversteine, Willard,  Vogel, Scoog, Y R Sharma ,

Jurisprudence : N. K. Jain

Natural Products Chemistry: O. P. Agrawal

Organic Chemistry: Morision & Boyed

Physical Chemstry: shishir mittal (disha publication)

Clinical Pharmacology: For Pathophysiology & Management of disease: Kodakimble, Dipiro, Roger walker

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Best of luck

Acronyms & Acrostics

To create an acronym, take the first letters of the items that you are trying to remember

and make a new word out of them.

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