Comprehensive MCQs in Organic Chemistry

by Rageeb Md.,

Comprehensive MCQs in Organic Chemistry



1. Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Bonding

2. Molecular Structure and Shapes of Organic Molecules

3. Organic Compounds

4. Conformation and Strain in Molecules

5. Conjugation and Aromaticity

6. Acids and Bases

7. Organic Reactions and Concept of Mechanism

8. Nucleophillic Addition Reactions

9. Nucleophillic Substitution Reactions

10. Reactions of Carbonyl Compound

11. Haloalkanes

12. Alcohols, Ethers, Thiols, Sulfides and Amines

13. Alkenes and Alkynes

14. Electrophillic Aromatic Substitution

15. Polycyclic and Heterocyclic Aromatic Compounds

16. Pericyclic Reactions

17. Rearrangement Reactions

18. Organic Synthesis

19. Chemistry of Biomolecules

20. Structural Determination of Organic Compounds

21. Stereochemistry

Book Highlight

Comprehensive MCQs in Organic Chemistry book intends to provide free learning tools to students who aspire to appear for various entrance examinations. As per PCI new syllabus of pharmacy, the multiple choice questions are compulsory and it targets to undergraduate B. Pharm. students (GATE, GPAT, PET, MH-CET an exam which shapes the life of students) for higher qualification. Thus we have captured several approachable areas of learning beyond providing students with question bank of their official entrance. This book will facilitate undergraduate and graduate students in assessing their potential and score high in competitive examinations. It contain the features like excellent coverage of essential topics, contains over 400 multiple choice questions with their answers, updated with new questions from competitive exams.

About the Authors:

Md. Rageeb Md. Usman currently working as Associate Professor in Smt. Sharadchandrika Suresh Patil College of Pharmacy, Chopda. He is highly Professional academician and Researcher in Pharmacy field. Dr. Md. Rageeb over more than 10 Year Experience in Teaching, Research and authorship of books. He has to his Name more than 45 books, 2 chapter in book, 90 Research/Review publications and 200 Presentation/Participation of National/International Conferences. Dr. Md. Rageeb Life Member: Asscn. of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India, Soc. of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (Joint Secretary, Central Br), Asscn. of Pharmacy Professionals (President, Maharashtra State Br.), Indian Hospital Pharmacists Asscn, Indian Pharmacy Graduates Asscn, Indian Pharmacists Asscn. (President, Jalgaon Br.), Research Scholar Hub (Maharashtra State Br.), Soc. of Researchers & Healthcare Professionals (President, Maharashtra State Br), Indian Pharmaceutical Asscn; Member: Indian Soc of Pharmacognosy, Asscn of Biotechnology & Pharmacy, International Natural Hygiene Soc; Assoc Editor/Editor of several professional journals and magazines. Dr. Md. Rageeb guided more than 50 students for project. He Conferred Fellowship Award 2013 (twice), 2014, 2015 (twice), Appreciation Award for Poster 2013, Young Performer Award 2013, Young Pharmacy Teacher Award 2014, 2016, 2017, Best Oral Presentation Award 2014, Young Innovative Researcher Award 2014, Appreciation Award for Oral Presentation 2014, Young Talent Award 2014 (twice), 2016, Young Pharmacist Award 2015, Young Excellent Academic Award 2016, Life Time Achievement Award 2016, Eminent Teacher Award 2017 and Young Scientists Award 2018. Dr. Md. Rageeb Biography has been included in the renowned directory “Who’s Who in the World 2016, “Learned India Educationists Who’s Who in the World 2017 and Famous India: Nation’s Who’s Who 2018.

Sunila T. Patil working as a Associate Professor M. Pharm., Ph.D (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) & Head of Dept. of Quality Assurance at P.S.G.V.P.M’S College of Pharmacy, Shahada. She has completed M. Pharm. from T.V.E.S’s College of Pharmacy Faizpur, affiliated to North Maharashtra University Jalgaon & Ph.D from Jodhpur National University, Jodhpur. She has published Two book as national publication & total 28 national & international research articles in impact factor journals. Total 20 states, national & international seminar/conferences attended & total 10 papers presented in various national & international conferences. She

got one research grant under VCRMS, NMU Jalgaon. She has been nominated as Student Welfare Officer (2013-2017) from North Maharashtra University Jalgaon. She has successfully organized 7 one day workshops & 1 national level seminar sponsored by North Maharashtra University Jalgaon conducted at P.S.G.V.P.M’s college of pharmacy shahada. She has awarded as Best Programme Officer by Dr. Sudhir Meshram, vice-chancellor of North Maharashtra University Jalgaon for achieving best University rank in Maharashtra state at RTM University Nagpur (Avhan-2014). Dr. Sunila T. Patil is a Life member of APTI & SPER. She has appointed as university representative & invited as Resource person in staff development programme sponsored by M.S.B.T.E. She is a coordinator of Anti-raging committee. Also holding PG, Alumni & Cultural Incharge of P.S.G.V.P.M’s college of pharmacy shahada & successfully organized all activities in Institute.

R Y Chaudhari is Vice-Principal and Head of the Department, Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Honorable Loksevak Madhukarrao Chaudhari College of Pharmacy, Faizpur, Maharashtra, affiliated to North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon has received bachelor and master degree in Pharmacy from Poona College of Pharmacy Pune in 1992 and 1994 respectively and received PhD degree (2007) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences RTM Nagpur University Nagpur.

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