Basic’s of Spectroscopy and MCQ

Basic’s of Spectroscopy and MCQ

• Important term related to the Spectroscopy :-

  1.  Spectroscopy :- spectroscopy is the analytical method in which concentration of compound in  micro quantity by using electro magnetic radiation (EMR) .
  2. EMR :– It is made up of discrete particle called as photons. So, EMR have both particle and wave characteristics.
  3. Wave length :– The distance between the peak of the wave.          it is denoted by  λ.
  4. Wave number :– It is number of wave per cm. It is denoted by a v.
  5. Frequency :– is the number of complete wave length unit passing through a given point in unit time.  it is denoted by V.

Energy of EMR are calculated by following equation.

E= hv


E = energy of radiation.

h = planks constant.

v = frequency of radiation.

• Classification of spectroscopy on working principal :-

1. Absorption of radiation :– uv spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy , colorimetery.

2. Emissions of radiation :– flame photometry , fluorimetry

3. Change in EMR due to change in magnetic level :–  ESR ,NMR

4. Spectroscopy in which EMR are not used :- mass spectroscopy.

• Based on change of energy :-

1. Atomic spectroscopy :- change in energy level at atomic level.

Eg. Atomic absorption spectroscopy, flame photometry

2. Molecular spectroscopy :- change in energy level at molecular level.

Eg. Uv spectroscopy , colorimetery, IR radiation.

Mathematics equation :-

Reference take from text book of third edition p.analysis. Written by Dr. S. Ravi sankar.


1. In which spectroscopy EMR are not used ?

Ans. Mass spectroscopy.

2. Number of wave per cm is called as

Ans. Wave number.

3. What is wave length of IR ?

Ans. 4000-25000nm

4. Which spectroscopy is working on principal of the emissions radiation ?

Ans. Flame photometry.

5. If wave length is 10 nm . So what is the frequency ?

Ans. 0.3

6. UV spectroscopy is working on which principal?

Ans. Absorption.

7 . Calculation the energy for 500 A wave length ?

Ans. 3.97×10^-34

8 . What is wave length of the vaccum uv ?

Ans. 10 – 100 nm

9. EMR are consist of

Ans. Photons

10 . Which spectroscopy is working on the principle of magnetic level ?


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