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Carbohydrates: Classification, Chemical nature, Biological role, digestion and absorption and MCQs

Carbohydrates are defined as aldehyde or ketone derivative of polyhydroxy ( more than one OH group)alcohols; or compounds that form these derivatives on hydrolysis. Carbohydrates are also known as saccharides. The empirical formula of many simple carbohydrates is [CH2O]n; while […]

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Microscopy, different types of microscopes, microbiology notes for PCI syllabus

MICROSCOPY Compound microscope Principle When an object is placed just beyond the focus of the objective lens, a magnified, virtual and inverted image is formed just at the distinct vision of eye held close to eye piece. Maximum magnification 1000 […]

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EVALUATION OF EFFIICIENCY OF STERILIZATION METHODS including effectiveness of chemical agents, sterilizing controls and related MCQs

EVALUATION OF EFFICIENCY OF STERILIZATION METHODS I. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the chemical agents used for sterilization: a. The phenol coefficient By taking phenol as a standard disinfectant, the activity of other disinfectants is measured and compared with the […]

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