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Adenylyl cyclase: cAMP pathway : General Pharmacology Notes

Adenylyl cyclase: cAMP pathway Activation of AC results in intracellular accumulation of second messenger cAM P (Fig. 4.6) which functions mainly through cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA). The PKA phosphorylates and alters the functi on of many enzymes, ion channels, transporters. […]

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Comparative observational studies – Case control study | How to run Case control Study | Pros and Cons of Case control Study

Comparative observational studies- Case control study is one of the type of Comparative observational studies. CASE-CONTROL STUDIES In contrast with cohort and cross sectional studies, case control studies are usually retrospective. People with the outcome of interest are matched with […]

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Ball and Socket Joint | Types of Joints | Synovial Joint Example | Hip & Shoulder Joint |

Ball and Socket Joint The ball and socket joint (or spheroid joint) is a type of synovial joint in which the ball-shaped surface of one rounded bone fits into the cup-like depression of another bone. The distal bone is capable of motion around […]

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Pharmacovigilance Methods- Active Surveillance | Sentinel sites, Drug event monitoring and Registries

Pharmacovigilance Methods Active Surveillance Active surveillance, in contrast to passive surveillance, pursues to determine the particular number of adverse events through a constant pre-organized process.  In common, it is more achievable to acquire wide-ranging data on discrete adverse event reports […]

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Pharmacovigilance Methods | Classification of Pharmacovigilance Methods | Pharmacovigilance notes

Pharmacovigilance Methods Objective: To establish a functional reporting system to monitor the safety of all medicines To learn more about the safety profile of new medicines in the early post-marketing phase To learn more about the ADR profile of a […]

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Adverse events following immunization | Pharmacovigilance Unit 3 Notes | BPharm | MCQ with Answers

Overview Under recommended conditions, all vaccines used in national immunization programmes are safe and effective if used correctly. In practice, however, no vaccine is completely risk-free and adverse events can occasionally result after an immunization. Adverse events can range from […]

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Condyloid Joint | Condyloid Joint Example | Condyloid Joint Motion and Movement | Synovial Joint Notes for Biology Class

In a condyloid joint  or ellipsoidal joint (a type of synovial joint), the convex oval-shaped projection of one bone fits into the oval-shaped depression of another bone. A condyloid joint is biaxial because the movement it permits is around two […]

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