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Physical Pharmacy Study Material, Notes and MCQ for NEET, GPAT, NIPER, Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Paramedical Staff Recruitment

Dear Aspirant Here you can find free study material related to Physical Pharmacy. S. No. Name of article 1. Buffer: Buffer equations and buffer capacity in general and MCQs for NEET, JEE, NET, GPAT, NIPER, Pharmacist and Drug Inspector Exam […]

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Pathophysiology Study Material for GPAT, NEET, Pharmacist Exam, Drug Inspector Exam- Part 2

Dear Aspirant, Here you can find free study material related to Pathophysiology. Hypertension: Causes, Symptoms, Pathogenesis, Treatment And MCQs for NEET, GPAT, CSIR NET JRF Angina Pectoris : Symptoms, Causes, Characteristics, Treatment and MCQs for GPAT,NEET, CSIR NET JRF Arteriosclerosis: […]

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Parts of BRAIN: Diencephalon, Brain Stem and Cerebellum and MCQs For NEET, GPAT, Pharmacist, Staff Nurse Exam

The brain is a large organ which lies in the cranial cavity. The average weight of brain is 1.4kg. It is divided in 4 parts: cerebrum, brain stem, diencephalon and cerebellum. DIENCEPHALON This part of brain connects the cerebrum to […]

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Pancreatic islets, Pineal gland, Local hormones and MCQs for NEET, GPAT, SSC, Pharmacist and Staff Nurse Exam

PANCREATIC ISLETS Pancreas are both, exocrine as well as endocrine. the exocrine pancreas secrete pancreatic juice, while the endocrine pancreas consist of clusters of cells; known  as pancreatic islets present throughout the gland. the pancreatic hormones are secreted directly into […]

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The Reproductive Cycle, Puberty and Menopause; MCQ for NEET, GPAT, SSC, Pharmacist and Staff Nurse Exam

REPRODUCTIVE CYCLE It refers to the series of events which regularly occurs in female after every 26-30 days. It occurs throughout the childbearing period between menarche and menopause. The cycle leads to the changes which takes place regularly in ovaries […]

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