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Acidosis And Alkalosis : Definition, Types of Imbalances And MCQs for NEET, GPAT, CSIR NET JRF

INTRODUCTION TO ACIDOSIS AND ALKALOSIS :- Normal body pH – 7.4. This level is very important for normal biological activity. This level of pH should be maintained for proper functioning of the body. During normal metabolic activity produces both acid […]

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Homeostasis : Control, Feedback System, Homeostatic Imbalance and MCQs for NEET, GPAT, CSIR NET JRF

INTRODUCTION :- ” The mechanism by which the constancy of the internal environment is maintained and ensured is called the homeostasis.” 1.] Homeostasis is an dynamic condition. 2.] Each structure, from the cellular level to the systemic level, contributes in […]

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