Fluorimetry: Advantage, limitation and Application

Fluorimetry: Advantage, limitation and Application


  1. Sensitivity :-  it is give accurate result even sample is present in microgram concentration in solution.
  2. Precision :- upto 1 % can be achieved easily.
  3. Specificity :- This method is more specific than absorption method.
  4. Range of Application :- wide range of compound are used.

Limitation :-

  1. Change in pH effect fluroscence
  2.  oxygen may decrease fluroscence.
  3. Heavy metal presence are also decrease fluroscence.
  4. When uv radiation is passed out some time it is reacted with sample


  1.  In sample determination of impurity of inorganic element.
  2. Determination of organic substance in very low concentration.
  3. Pharmaceutical application are as follows

A. Identify compound like morphine, quinine, riboflavin which produced fluroscence.

B. Flourescent indicator

C. Identify drug because specific drug have specific wave length radiation is emitted.

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