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Free Pharmacology Video Lecture for GPAT, Pharmacist, Drug Inspector,NEET PG, Nursing Exams

Free Pharmacology Video Lecture for GPAT, Pharmacist, Drug Inspector,NEET PG, Nursing Exams

Dear Students

On this platform you may find the free video lecture of Pharmacology 

Below is the list of Lectures

Tetracycline Classification Mnemonics & Tricks || Pharmacology||Spectrum & Pharmacokinetics ||Hindi

Tetracycline ADR & Uses Mnemonics||Easiest Way to Learn Side Effect, Therapeutics Uses Tetracycline

Aminoglycoside, Macrolide, Tetracycline Mechanism of action || Learn by Home Made Model |

Fluoroquinolone Classification Mnemonics|| Pharmacology||Uses & Side Effect Tricks|Spectrum|| Hindi

Fluoroquinolones Mechanisms of Action|Target Site| Topoisomerase Inhibitor| How Fluoroquinolone Work

Cephalosporin Classification Mnemonics Learn All five Generation|Oral and Parentral Route| Made Easy

Drug Resistance, Cross Resistance

Antitubercular drugs classification Mnemonics and Tricks|| How to remember|| Easiest way To Learn

Beta Blocker Classification Mnemonics|| Simple tricks to learn || Most easy|| Made Easy Pharmacology​​​​​​​

Antidepressant Classification Mnemonics|| How to remember SSRI, RIMA, SNRI,Trycyclic Antidepressant​​​​​​​

Adrenergic drug classification Mnemonics & Tricks| Simple to learn| How to remember Sympathomimetics​​​​​​​

Penicillin Classification Tricks|Acid & Penicillinase Resistance|Extended Spectrum Penicillin PART-3​​​​​​​


Penicillin G Spectrum |Side Effect| Therapeutic Uses |Resistance|Learn By Mnemonics & Tricks- PART-2​​​​​​​

ß-Lactams Mechanisms of Action | Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitor|Penicillin Made Easy|PART-1​​​​​​​

Sulfonamide Pharmacology| Classification Learn By Tricks | Mechanism of Action| Spectrum- part 1

Sulfonamide|Pharmacokinetics|Side Effects learn by Tricks |Therapeutic Uses |Drug Interaction-Part-2​​​​​​​

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration(MIC)|Minimum Bactericidal Concentration|Post Antibiotic Effect

IP3 DAG signaling pathway|PIP2-Cascade| GPCR|Calcium & Phospholipase C Pathway |Tricks & Mnemonic

Nuclear Receptor Signaling-NRS |Structure & Function|Mnemonics to Learn -Drugs Follow |Transcription

JAK STAT Signaling Pathway |Trick to Learn Drugs Follow This Pathway| With MCQ of Exams

Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) | Cell Signalling | Mechanisms| Transmembrane Enzyme Linked Receptor




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