CAUSATIVE AGENT : Caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae

1.) It is a pyogenic ( involving or relating to the production of pus ) encapsulated, gram – negative diplococcus organism.

2.) In male N. gonorrhoeae cause urethral strictures and chronic infection of the epididymis, prostrate and seminal vesicles.

3.) In females, infection of the fallopian tube may result in scars which increases the rate of sterility and ectopic pregnancy or lead to the chronic infection with anaerobic bacteria.

4.) N. gonorrhoeae is genetically very similar to N. meningitis.

5.) In newborn infants an eye infection occur called opthalmia neonatorum.


1.) The incubation period of gonorrhea is usually 3 To 5 DAYS ( range 2 to 10 days ).

2.) N. gonorrhoeae is a facultative intracellular pathogen that binds to and invade host epithelial cells.

3.) Neisseria releases the peptidoglycans and endotoxins which induce host cell secretion of TNF – ALPHA that may cause shock and multisystem failure.


1.) The initial symptom is female are, in most instances, so mild as to go unnoticed.

2.) Slight vaginal discharge with burning may occur.

3.) The infection may extend through the uterus to the fallopian tube and ovaries – a condition known as pelvic inflammatory disease.


1.) The first symptom in males are burning sensation upon urination and a purulent urethral discharge that may be very painful.

2.) In the absence of treatment, the infection usually extend deeper, to involve the upper urethra, the neck of urinary bladder, and the prostrate gland.


1.) Treatment of gonorrhea is with antibiotics.

2.) The administration of small doses of antibiotics is sufficient to cure gonorrhea may mask the early manifestation of coexisting syphilis.

3.) The integral part of the treatment of gonorrhea, therefore, is the so called serologic follow up – a blood test test for syphilis at least once a month for four months.


QUES:1] The highest incident of gonorrhea usually happens in which age group ?

a.) 09 – 15

b.) 15 – 35

c.) 30 – 45

d.) 15 – 24

QUES:2] People with gonorrhea usually also have this disease ?

a.) Swine flu

b.) Herpes

c.) Chlamydia

d,) AIDS

QUES:3] Gonorrhea is caused by which microorganism ?

a.) Neisseria gonorrhoeae

b.) Ventral pallidium

c.) Treponema pallidum

d.) C. perfringes

QUES:4] Which of the following disease is an STD ?

a.) Gonorrhea

b.) Syphilis

c.) Leprosy

d.) Both (a) and (b)

QUES:5] Gonorrhea causing bacteria is which type of bacteria ?

a.) Gram – positive

b.) Gram – negative

c.) None of the above

d.) It is not a bacteria

QUES:6] Gonorrhea is treated with antibiotics . What problem has occurred in treatment ?

a.) Antibiotics have been in short supply

b.) The bacteria that causes gonorrhea have become resistant to certain antibiotics

c.) People have developed an allergic reaction to an antibiotic

d.) All of the above

QUES:7] How can gonorrhea can be treated ?

a.) With antibiotics

b.) Surgical removal

c.) Their is no cure

d.) Freezing of burning

QUES:8] Babies who have contracted gonorrhea of the eye from their infected mother have the disorder called ?

a.) Pelvic inflammatory disease

b.) Cervicitis

c.) Epididymitis

d.) Pharengeal gonorrhea

e.) Opthalmia neonatorum

QUES:9] Within few weeks, the initial symptom of gonorrhea ?

a.) Lead to development of pelvic inflammatory in women

b.) Lead to much pain and inflammation

c.) Lead to pus like discharge from vagina and penis

d.) Lead to urethritis

e.) Generally go away on their own

QUES:10] Gonorrhea is an STD that is caused by ?

a.) Drinking after too much people

b.) Hugging many different people

c.) Dirty toilet seats

d.) None of the above


Sol.1] (d) 15 – 24

Sol.2] (c) Chlamydia

Sol.3] (a) Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Sol.4] (d)

Sol.5] (b) Gram – negative

Sol.6] (b) The bacteria that causes gonorrhea become resisitant to certain antibiotics

Sol.7] (a) With antibiotics

Sol.8] (e) Opthalmia neonatorum

Sol.9] (e) Generally go away on their own

Sol.10] (d)

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1.) Robbin’s basic pathology.


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