GPAT 2020 Exam Paper Solved and Answer Key

GPAT 2020 Exam Paper Solved and Answer Key

Dear GPAT 2020 Aspirants

Download GPAT 2020 Question Paper

GPAT 2020 exam was conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) on 28 Jan 2020.

The exam was mix of various subject questions, with some surprising questions.

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Soon we will upload the Answer key of the exam

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GPAT 2020 result will be declared by NTA in month  of Feb 2020

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Below are the some memory based Questions

Q. 1 The Mechanical digestion of food is called ——– and The movement of Food from mouth to stomach is —-

Q.2 The Drug distribution Is better studied from Which spectra?.
Mass or NMR

Q 3 The Principle of Gas liquid chromtograohy is?

Q 4  The Principal of Liquid Liquid extraction is?
Options are- Partition, seperation,Affinity

Q Centistoke is The unit of …………….

Q In shick test, Antibody that is Isolated is …………………….

Q. MW of serum albumin is…………………….

Q Immediate acting Neurotransmitter is……………………………

Q. D tubocurarine is Ganglionic blockers or Neuromasculr Junctn blocker?

Q Oppurtinistic Fungi obtained from warm blooded animals- Candida albicans or Aspergillus niger

Q Which Bacteris is Obtained from warm Blooded Animals- Penicillum or Candida Albicns or Asperigus Niger?

Q Walden Inversion Is For..Sn1, sn1a, Snij or Sn2

Q a fixed oil on treatment of Ethanol Is Clear again..

Q The Fixed oil is?..Castor oil, semame Oil orlinseed oil

Q.Compounds having Change at only 1 Configuration are called? Epimers

Q. Compounds On shaking form Gel..On storage cause Shear..Such Liquids are? thixo, anti thixo, rheo, anti rheo

Q. The Interfacial Attractive forces between Gaseous layer and Force between liquid bulk Is due to?

Options :  Loose Cohesive force, No chesive force, LOOSE adhesive force or No adhesive force

Q. Powder showing maximum dustablity

Q.Year of trips agreement

Q.Wolf kischner reaction

Q.Mixer for solid solid mixing

Q. Nicotine alkaloid is present in which form

Q. Which of following will be differing for polymorph

Q. Solid to gel conversion

Q. Nitration in quinidine at which position Q

Q. IUPAC of nitrofurantoin

Q.Value of roulte law will be positive or negative for the statement?

Q. Shickmick acid pathway

Q. Incorrect statement about Carbacol

Q Dental caries agent act by

Q.Rosacea disease Is

Q.Transplant rejection is

Q localized disease

Q Which of the following neurotransmitter gets produced only on demand and gets released

Q Auto-arrhythmicity is shown by

Q Not a biochemical marker of all death

Q What is Fluorouracil

Q In which condition metabolic acidosis will not take place

Q Rasa in ayurveda mean

Q Extraction using ethanol

Q Color of colchicine test

Q Law of similia

Q. Optically inactive amino acid

Q Yarn is

Q.Which equation shows temperature relation and viscosity

Q Wrong about Arrhenius equation

Q. Wrong statement about ganglionic stimulating agent

Q Scruff reaction

Q.A solution something like Bourette solution

Q. Hyperuricimia

Q. Mg depletion causing agent

A. Mannitol
B. Chlorthiazide
C. Acetazolamide
D. Mannitol

Q. Sacchrine: sugar ratio

Q. Type-II glass is used for

Q. Pyrogen killing temparature

Q.Property of cancer cells

Q Question on definition of bloom strength

Q. Question on principle of liquid gas chromatography

Q Question on the drug which does not affect QRS interval

Q The value of GFR will be closest in: cratinine

Q Myocardial infraction is

Q Microbe used for blood clotting

Q. Incorrect statement about osmotic diuretic

Q Heat capacity definition

Q  Which is incorrect about Packing property

Q. Substitution in riboflavin main ring

Q Mixing of food with saliva, movement in stomach is called as

Q. 1 coloumb definition

Q. When disperse phase is more than 60%

Q. Centistoke is CGS unit of

Q. Second law of thermodynamics equation

Q.Very hygroscopic as per European Pharmacopoeia


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