Gravimetry Titration: Principal, Procedure, Advantage, Disadvantage, Application and MCQ with Answer

Gravimetric Analysis :-

Principal of Gravimetric Analysis  :-

Gravimetric analysis is based on conversion of ion, element, radical into a pure stable form.


Gravimetric analysis is divided into two types

1. Precipitation Method(substance are precipitated )

2. volatilization methods ( evaporated solution)

Basic :-

Analytical solution will be precipitated by using suitable method.

After precipitation PPT are dried, filtered, and weight accurately.

Advantage :-

  1.  Extensive number of inorganic ion are determined with excellent precision and accuracy.
  2.  Routine assay of metallurgical sample.
  3. Relative precision 0.1 to 1 %
  4. Good accuracy, relatively in expansive.

Dis advantage :-

  1. Careful and time consuming
  2. Scrupulously clean glass ware
  3. Very accurate weighing
  4. Co-precipitation.

Application :-

  1.  Assay of aluminum by oxin ( 8- Hydroxy quinoline)

⇒Separate AL from beryllium and other Earth metal , 2 or 5 % solution of oxine in 2M ethanoic acid 1 ml sol can ppt 3 mg of aluminum.

Procedure :-

  1. Dissolve 0.4 g of Al ammonium sulphate in 100 ml of water.
  2.  Heat to 70-80 c
  3.  Add appropriate volume of oxime reagents.
  4. Keep adding reagents to ensure complete ppt
  5. Allow to cool, collect Al-oxinate.
  6. Wash with water dry to constant weight at 110 c.

2. Assay of Barium as Barium sulphate :-

Procedure :-

  1. Slow addition of dilute solution of BaCl to hot solution of sulphate.
  2. Acidic solution prevent other salt formation.
  3. Process carried out at boiling temp. For lower supersat.
  4. Ba has strong tendency to Carry down other salt.
  5. Barium chloride, Barium nitrate are co precipitated.
  6. Nitrate can be converted to oxide by ignition.
  7. Slow addy of Ba to SO4 solution lower formation of BaCL.


1. Which analytical method is based on the weight of the PPT ?

A. Acid base Titration

B. Complexometric Titration

C. Precipitation titration

D. Gravimetry

2. Which sentence is false about gravimetric analysis ?

A. It is used for inorganic ion.

B . It is used to assay barium sulphate.

C. It is used to assay of aluminum.

D. Relative precision 3 to 4%

3. Which sentence is true about a gravimetric analysis ?

A.Relative precision 3 to 4%

B. It is expansive method.

C. It is not used to to barium sulphate assay

D. It is used to assay of Al

3. How many Types of gravimetric analysis ?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

4. Volatilization Method is

A. Precipitation of solutions

B. Vaporizations of solutions

C. A and B

D. Bone of the above

5. Precipitation Method is

A. Precipitation of solutions

B. Vaporizations of solutions

C. A and B

D. Bone of the above

6. What is rule of oxine in aluminum assay ?

A.  Surfactants

B. Colloidal

C. PPT agent

D. Emulsifier agent.

Answer key

1. D

2. D

3. B

4. A

5. A

6. C

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