IITB–Monash Research Academy: PhD Scholarship For Engineering, Pharma, Science and Technology

IITB–Monash Research Academy: PhD Scholarship For Engineering, Pharma, Science and Technology

IITB–Monash Research Academy – Ph. D. Scholarship in the field of Engineering, Science and Technology

The Academy is an exciting partnership between the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) and Monash University Melbourne (Australia) – two of the world’s leading educational and research institutions. The Academy, has designed a jointly-badged Ph. D programme in which students can undertake interdisciplinary research in several thematic areas focusing on the field of science, technology and engineering. The focus is on attracting top students to work in areas of applied research sponsored by industrial partners. The Academy offers attractive Ph. D Scholarships to suitable candidates. A Ph. D. student will be based at the Academy in IIT Bombay and will work with an elite team of academics and students. Opportunities exist for candidates to work closely with industrial R&D Labs.

Scholarship provider

IITB-Monash Research Academy Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay set-up under the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961 – Government of India

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates with a first class Masters Degree in Engineering or Science from a reputed university.
  • Bachelors/Masters Degree ( with a high GPA) from the IITs, NITs or BITs should take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire an international recognized qualification and pursue a career in research.
  • Although not a prerequisite, candidates who have been highly placed in GATE or GRE should apply.

Benefits of scholarship/Award

  1. Rs 372,000 per annum scholarship for the first two years
  2. Rs 420,000 per annum after first two years
  3. A grant of up to A$25,850 per annum in Australia
  4. A minimum of one year in Australia working with your Monash University co-supervisor (some projects may require you to be in Australia for a longer period of time or undertake more than one trip),Waiver of international student tuition fees at Monash University.

Application Procedure

By visiting website or by sending an email.

Frequent Queries

What are the facilities available?

Will receive expert co-supervision from Professors at IITB and Monash; will receive a duality awarded Ph. D degree from IITB and Monash; will have access to world class research facilities; will gain international research experience; and will receive a special fellowship to visit Monash University for six months.

Which Type of Research Possible through this Programme?

Research Clusters

The Academy has created some clusters to better describe submitted research projects. This will aid in a more streamlined student recruitment process and other benefits for categorising the research that is undertaken at The Academy.

1              Material Science/Engineering (including Nano, Metallurgy)

2              Energy, Green Chem, Chemistry, Catalysis, Reaction Eng

3              Math, CFD, Modelling, Manufacturing

4              CSE, IT, Optimisation, Data, Sensors, Systems, Signal Processing, Control

5              Earth Sciences and Civil Engineering (Geo, Water, Climate)

6              Bio, Stem Cells, Bio Chem, Pharma, Food

7              Semi-Conductors, Optics, Photonics, Networks, Telecomm, Power Eng

8              Design, HSS, Management

Contact details

IITB-Monash Research Academy

IITB, Powai

Mumbai – 400076, Maharashtra

E-mail : students@iitbmonash.org

For more details: click here



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