NMR SPECTROSCOPY : Basic Terms and Defination

NMR SPECTROSCOPY : Basic Terms and Defination


1. Proton :- IT is a positive charge particle that present in nuclei of any molecule.

2. NMR SPECTROSCOPY :- when EMR are applied in any sample in presence of magnetic field. So that sample protons change it’s spin. NMR SPECTROSCOPY are detected change in spin of proton.

3. Proton magnetic resonance :- when we study hydrogen in NMR it is called a proton magnetic resonance (PMR).

4.  Alfa position :- IF we applied high magnetic field and proton change it’s position according to magnetic field it is called alfa position.

5. Beta position :- when proton have alfa position and we applied EMR it is come it’s initial position. It is called beta position.

6. Spinning Nucleus :- The proton  present in nuclei and it is spinning at it’s own axis. So it is act as magnetic.

7. Precessional movement :- proton will be showing precessional motion due to interaction of spin and gravitational force of Earth.

8. Precessional frequency :- spinning of frequency of proton Will be same precessional frequency is equal to the magnetic field.


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