Chemical Test for Resins (Include General & Specific Test) and MCQs

Chemical Test for Resins (Include General & Specific Test) and MCQs




  • The term resin is applied to more or less solid, amorphous product of complex chemical nature.
  • These amorphous mixture of essential oil, oxygenated product of terpene and carboxylic acid.
  • They are usually occur in schizogenous or schizolysigenous cavitie or duct.

Physical Properties :-

  1. Insoluble in water and petroleum ether dissolved more and less completely alcohol, ether and chloroform.
  2. Chemically resin are complexe mixture of resin acid, resin alcohol (resinols), resin phenol ( resin otannols) ester and chemically inert compound known as resenes.
  3. Resins are often associated with volatile oil (oleoresins), with gums (gum resins) or with oil and gum (oleo-gum-resins).
  4. Resins do not contain nitrogen element.
  5. Balsams are resinous mixture that contain large properties of cinnomic acid, benzoic acid or both or esters of these acid.

General Chemical Test for Resins :- 

  1. Physical Test :- solubility, taste,odor and examination of powder under the microscope.
  2. Chemical Test :- For the identification of resins, acid value, saponification value, iodine value.
  3. Specific Chemical Test :- for specific constitution such as cinnamic acid, benzoic acid in benzoin tolu balsam and peur balsom.

Specific Chemical Test :- 

Identification Test Reagents used Positive result Compound positive for the test
HCl test HCl Pink colour Presence of resins
FeCl3 test FeCl3 Greenish blue colour Presence of resins
Umbelliferone test ( specific test for asafoetida) HCl + conc. NH4OH, HNO3,H2SO4 washed with water. Blue fluorescence
Green,red and violet colour
Coppee acetate Test petroleum test Emerald green Abietic acid
Test for Aspidium ( oleoresin) diluted alcohol solution+ FeCl3 green colour filmarone , flavaspidinol, flavaspidic acid
Test for myrrh (oleo – gum – resin ) Ether + HNO3 + Br2 vapour Purplish violet commiphoric acid

Test For Benzoin ( Balsam) :- 

Sumatra Benzoin :- Kmno4 Faint odor of benzaldehyde Benzoin
Petroleum ether solution + H2SO4 reddish brown colour cinnamic acid
Alc. Ext. + Alcoholic FeCl3 Green coniferyl
Petroleum ether solution + H2SO4 Purple,red benzoate tannins

Test for Balsam of Tolu

FeCl3 Green colour cinnamic acid
Kmno4 odor of benzaldehyde benzoic acid (resinotannol )


A. Cinnamic acid + benzene + aldehyde

B. Cinnomic acid +benzoic acid+ ether solution

C. ester of this acid + cinnamic acid+ benzaldehyde

D. Cinnamic acid + benzoic acid + ester of this acid

2. Resin acid + Resin phenol + Resin alcohol + ester ?

A. FeCl3 test

B.Umbelliferone test

C.Coppee acetate Test

D. Kellers test

3. Which sentence is true about resins ?

A. Resin are only soild in nature.

B. They are soluble in water.

C.They are usually occur in schizogenous or schizolysigenous cavitie or duct.

D. They are insoluble in alcohol.

4. In FeCl3 test cinnamic acid give colour

A. Red colour

B. Green colour

C. Blue colour

D. Yellow colour

5.myrrh test is performed for

A. Cinnamic acid

B. Chloroform

C.commiphoric acid

D. Cinnomic acid

6. Which reagent are used in Aspidium test ?

A. Concentrated alcohol + FeCl3

B. Concentrated alcohol + Br2

C. Diluted alcohol solution + FeCl3

D. Diluted alcohol + Br2

7. Which of the following test is not performed for Benzoin ?

A.Petroleum ether solution + H2SO4

B.Diluted alcohol solution + FeCl3

C.sumatra Benzoin

D.Alc. Ext. + Alcoholic FeCl3

8. Which is specifica test for commiphoric acid?

A. Test for asafoetida

B.Test for Aspidium

C. Test for myrrh

D. Test of FeCl3

9. Resin do not contain element ?

A. Nitrogen

B. Hydrogen

C. Oxygen

D. Carbon

10. resenes is a mixture of

A. Resin acid + Resin phenol + Resin alcohol

B. Resin acid + Resin phenol + Resin alcohol + ester

c. Resin Base + Resin phenol + Resin alcohol + ester

D. Resin acid + Resin Benzene + Resin alcohol + ester

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Answer key

1. D

2. D

3. C

4. B

5. C

6. C

7. B

8. C

9. A



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  • Tree Resin Composition, Collection Behavior and Selective Filters Shape Chemical Profiles of Tropical Bees (Apidae: Meliponini)

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