Tag: DIHYDROERGOTAMINE mechanism of action

DIHYDROERGOTAMINE Synthesis, SAR, MCQ,Structure,Chemical Properties and Therapeutic Uses

Dihydroergotamine IUPAC nomenclature (2R,4R,7R)-N-[(1S,2S,4R,7S)-7-benzyl-2-hydroxy-4-methyl-5,8-dioxo-3-oxa-6,9-diazatricyclo[,6]dodecan-4-yl]-6-methyl-6,11-diazatetracyclo[,7.012,16]hexadeca-1(16),9,12,14-tetraene-4-carboxamide.   Classification Dihydroergotamine is an ergot alkaloid. Physiochemical Properties S. NO. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES 1 Molecular weight 583.7 g/mol 2 Physical appearance Present in solid form. 3 Melting point 219°C 4 Solubility Water solubility is […]

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