Hyoscymous Biological Sources, Morphology, Chemical Constituents, Adulterants and Uses + MCQ (10)

Hyoscymous Biological Sources, Morphology, Chemical Constituents, Adulterants and Uses + MCQ (10)

Tropane alkaloids has mainly consists of two ring 1. Pyrrolidine 2. Piperidine ring

They are bio synthesized in root & then migrate to leaves.

Tropane alkaloids gives positive test of vitali morin reactions.




Biological Source :- 

It consists of the dried leaves or leave and flowering tops of Hyoscyamus niger.

Family :- 


  • Hyoscymous is a biennial herb and it should contain not less than 0.05 percentage of alkaloids of Hyoscyamus calculated as l-hyoscyamine.

Morphology :-

  • Colour :- Pale greyish green
  • Odour :- Characteristics & Strong
  • Taste :-  Bitter and acrid
  • Size :- 25cm long lamina
  • Shape :- Ovate, Oblong to triangular ovate

Microscopic characteristics :- 

  • The leaf is Dorsiventral and epidermis is covered with smooth cuticle & numerous glandular trichomes.
  • Prismatic or Cluster crystal of Calcium oxalate.
  • Idioblasts are present containing microsphaenoidal crystal.

Chemical constituents :-

  • l-hyoscyamine is an ester of tropic acid and tropine and it is more active than the racemic form.
  • It is also contain hyoscine (scopolamine).

Uses :- 

  • It is used as relieve spasms of urinary tract.
  • It is also use in counteract griming due to purgative.
  • It is also used as anti- spasmodic and anti- asthmatic.

Adulterants :- 

Egyptian Henbane


1Which class of alkaloids give positive result in Vitali Morin Reaction?

A.  Iso quinoline alkaloids

B. Indole alkaloids

C. Tropane alkaloids

D. Steroidal alkaloids

2.Which of the following types of calcium oxalate Crystal are seen in hyoscymous ?

A. Prismatic

B. Idioblasts

C. A and B

D. None of the above

3Which of the following heterocyclic ring is not included in Chemical structure of tropane alkaloids ?

A. Furan

B. Pyrrolidine

C. Piperidine

D. All of the above

4. Which of the following is adulterant of Hyoscyamus niger ?

A. Ailanthus

B. Stramonium

C. Erythroxylaceae

D. Egyptian Henbane

5. Tropane alkaloids are bio synthesized in which part of herb ?

A. Leave

B. Root

C. A and B

D. None of the above

6. What is other name of scopolamine ?

A. Hyoscyamine

B. Hyoscine

C. Hyoscymous

D. Hydrogen

7. Which sentence is false about hyoscymous microscopic ?

A. The leaf is Dorsiventral.

B. It contain prismatic and cluster crystal.

C. It contain glandular trichomes.

D. It do not contain cuticle layer.

8. Match Of The Following

i. Size of lamina                 A. Hyoscymous

ii. Ester of tropic acid       B. 25 CM

iii.Egyptian Henbane      C.l-hyoscyamine

A. i→ B, ii→ A, iii→ C

B.i→ C, ii→ A, iii→ B

C.i→ B, ii→ A, iii→ C

D.i→ B, ii→ C, iii→ A

9. Hyoscymous is belong to family

A. Liliaceae

B. Ginsengacea

C. Solanaceae

D. None of the above

10. How many percentage of alkaloid present in hyoscymous ?

A. Not less than 0.01

B.Not less than 0.02

C.Not less than 0.03

D.Not less than 0.05

Answer Key

1. C

2. C

3. A

4.  D

5. B

6. B

7. D

8. C

9. C

10. D

Reference :- 

16 edition of trease and evans Pharmacognosy ( pg.no. 359,363,364)





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