Category: Biochemistry

Surface and interfacial phenomenon: Solubilization and detergency and MCQs for GPAT, NIPER, Pharmacist and Drug Inspector exam

SOLUBILIZATION: It can be defined as the preparation of a thermodynamically stable isotropic solution of a substance normally insoluble or very slightly soluble in a given solvent by the addition of component or by any suitable methods. SOLUBILITY: The maximum […]

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Formation of Bile Acids, Steroid Hormones and Vitamin D and MCQs for GPAT, NEET UPSC, Pharmacist, CSIR NET and Nursing Exam

Catabolism of cholesterol yields some important physiological products like: Formation of bile acids Formation of steroid hormones Formation of vitamin C Formation of bile acids It is the main catabolic pathway. The primary bile acids synthesized in the liver are […]

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Hemoglobin: structure, functions and Binding site of Oxygen with Hemoglobin and MCQ for Exams

Hemoglobin is a conjugated protein with prosthetic group heme. Hb is found in the RBCs and carries oxygen from lungs to the tissues and the reverse process occurs when Hb carries CO2 from tissues to the lungs. The red color […]

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