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BLOOD GROUPS, BLOOD TYPES AND MCQs Asked in Pharmacist, Drug Inspector and GPAT Exams

The surface of erythrocyte  contain a number of antigen or agglutinogens on their surface which are composed of glycolipids and glycoproteins. Based on the presence and absence of various antigens, blood is characterized in different blood groups. Within a blood […]

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Podophyllum: Classification,Identification test,Adulterants, Medicinal Uses and MCQs

PODOPHYLLUM 1. Classification: • Kingdom: plantae (plants) • Subkingdom: tracheobionta (vascular plants) • Superdivision : spermatophyta (seed plants) • Division: magnoliophyta (flowering plants) • Class: magnoliopsida (dicotyledons) • Subclass: magnoliidae • Order: ranunculales • Family: berberidaceae (barberry family) • Genus: […]

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Duboisea: Biological Source, Medicinal Uses, Morphological Features and MCQs

DUBOISEA 1. Biological source: • The botanical name of duboisea is Duboisia myoporoides. • The biological source of duboisea is its dried leaves. • It belongs to the solanaceae family. • It is also known as corkwood and cork tree. […]

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