National Workshop on Applications of Electron Microscopy in Life Sciences at CDRI, Lucknow

National Workshop on Applications of Electron Microscopy in Life Sciences at CDRI, Lucknow

Date of seminar  :   July 16, 2019 to July 18, 2019

Venue :  Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India

Organizer :  Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India

Organizing secretary :  Dr. Kalyan Mitra

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Abstract submission last date :  June 3, 2019

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Description  :  

Workshop overview:
This three‐day workshop is aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skill‐set of students, research
fellows, faculty and staff working in the area of life sciences and would include both theory and
practical sessions. The focus would be on various techniques, applications and their sample
preparation methods with intensive practical sessions including hands‐on sessions. Latest
developments especially in the area of Cryo‐EM will be discussed and the course would also
cover basic TEM/SEM operation and maintenance/troubleshooting issues. At the end of the
workshop, participants are expected to appreciate the basics of TEM/SEM along with the ability
to integrate EM tools/experiments in the workflow of their research projects by selecting the
appropriate technique from a variety of available techniques and then optimizing it for obtaining
the best solution for their research problems. Small number of participants will be ensured to
encourage close interaction and lively discussions.

Areas to be covered:
Sessions would cover TEM & SEM principles and applications, practical sessions on TEM & SEM
sample preparation techniques including negative staining, cell/tissue embedding, ultra‐
microtomy, imaging and recording data and image interpretation; Recent developments in the
area of CryoEM will be discussed.

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