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Properties of Coloring agents, Pigments, flavoring agents, diluting agents and MCQs for GPAT, NIPER, Pharmacist and Drug Inspector exam

Colors And Pigments: There are two basic types of coloring agents for pharmaceutical products: dyes and lakes. Dyes are soluble forms of a particular color. They go into solution and can result in very deep, vibrant colors. Lakes are dyes […]

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Carbohydrates: Classification, Chemical nature, Biological role, digestion and absorption and MCQs

Carbohydrates are defined as aldehyde or ketone derivative of polyhydroxy ( more than one OH group)alcohols; or compounds that form these derivatives on hydrolysis. Carbohydrates are also known as saccharides. The empirical formula of many simple carbohydrates is [CH2O]n; while […]

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