Vitamin D Toxicity Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and MCQ for GPAT, UPSC,NEET,SSC ,CSIR NET Exam

Vitamin D Toxicity Mnemonics|| Causes, Symptoms, Treatment|| GPAT Lecture|| NEET PG|USMLE||UPSC||SSC


In this lecture Vitamin D toxicity causes , symptoms and treatment discuss with Tricks and Mnemonics.
Short Trick to learn symptoms of toxicity also discussed.

MCQ on vitamin D toxicity also discuss.


Q. 1 What are the symptoms of Vitamin D toxicity
A. Polyurea
B. Gout
C. Cardiac Arrhythmia
D. All of these

Q. 2 What are the Causes of Vitamin D toxicity
A. Very High Dietary supplements of Vitamin D
B. Very high Intake of Fortified milk
C. Patient having Lymphoma
D.All of these

Q. 3 What are the treatment options available for Vitamin D toxicity
A. Stop high dietary supplements of vitamin D
B. Stop taking Calcium
C. Corticosteroids may work
D.All of these

Q. 4 Vitamin D toxicity is also known as
A. #Hypovitaminosis D
B. #Hypovitaminosis A
C. #Hypervitaminosis D
D. None

Q. 5 What is the affect of #Vitamin D Toxicity on ECG
A. Increase in QT interval
B. Decrease in QT interval
C. Increase in ST segment
D. All of these


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