International Conference on Trends in Computational and Cognitive Engineering at Central University of Haryana

International Conference on Trends in Computational and Cognitive Engineering at Central University of Haryana

Date of seminar  :   November 28, 2019 to November 30, 2019

Venue :   Central University of Haryana, Mahendragarh

Organizer :   Central University of Haryana & International Institute of Invincible Rhythm (IIoIR), Shimla

Organizing secretary :  Dr. Phool Singh

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Abstract submission last date :  October 20, 2019

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About TCCE-2019
TCCE focuses on experimental, theoretical and application aspects of innovations in Computational and Cognitive Engineering. The Conference aims to provide an opportunity to gather the researchers, scholars and experts from academia and industry working in the following areas of basic and applied sciences, engineering and technology to share their research findings.

Cognitive Science: Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Computational Neuroscience
Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing
Signal Processing
Fluid Dynamics: CFD, Nanofluid Mechanics
Cryptography: Image Processing, Coding Theory
Modelling and Numerical Simulation: Mathematical Biology, Green Computing
Optimization: Theory and Applications
Advanced Numerical Techniques
Stochastic Methods
Information Retrieval and Applications.
Objectives of the Conference
With increasing complex situations being modelled to find reasonable answers, role of computations and cognitive learning is becoming very important. The objective of the conference is to narrow down the gaps by bringing practitioners and scientists together; so as to focus on the recent trends in computational and cognitive engineering. The conference will further help:

To provide a forum for exchange of ideas and insights by mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and researchers.
To share fresh perspective on problem-solving in current research areas.
To present various computational and cognitive modelling approaches in the areas of health, education, finance, environment, engineering, commerce and industry.
To promote networking opportunities among experts in various disciplines and encourage inter-disciplinary research.

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